Active Repertoire


Ablaze (1997)

Frances Ortiz
Music by Ken Kirschner
Highlights the tensions between two friends who may soon become lovers.

Good Morning Heartache (1999)

Frances Ortiz
Music by Drake/ Fisher/ Higgins/ Botham sung by Ella Fitzgerald
A piece that delves into the complications of love lost.

Winter Sky (2001)

Ted Thomas & Frances Ortiz
Set to music by pianist Andy Monroe
Reveals a couple’s struggle with love and alcoholism in their relationship.

Conbivir…(living with) (2003)

Frances Ortiz
Music by Bolushlav Martinu, performed by violinist Katie Kresek
A symbolic illumination of a vulnerable moment in a woman who is living with breast cancer.

For Love or Grace (2004)

Ted Thomas
Set to Ariel Ramirez’s Misa Criolla, performed by Jose Carreras
An exploration of the current social issues surrounding sexuality and religion.

Un-Damely (2005)

Ted Thomas & Frances Ortiz
Set to violin concerti by Antonio Vivaldi
Five women revolt against gender conformity, expanding the notion of femininity.

In The Arms of Three (2006)

Ted Thomas & Frances Ortiz
Set to music by Francisco Tarrega & Enrique Granados
A woman reflects on three major relationships in her life, from the most tender and beautiful to the most detrimental.

Nevaeh (2006)

Frances Ortiz
Set to the music of David Darling
A piece depicting the desperate and often horrific ways humanity thinks can help them scale the wall into heaven.

Mirabella (2006)

Ted Thomas
Set to the music of violinist Noel Pointer
Like the music, this work combines classical, Afro-American, and Latin elements, reflecting the constant evolution and co-existence of races and cultures in a diverse society.

Dynamite Walls (2007)

Ted Thomas
Set to the music’s of Beauty by Broadway Project, Ocean Melody by Genard, Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, Chant-Japanese-Kodo-Ibuki-Taiko-Drums, Dynamite Walls by Hayden Desser, and mixed by TedThomas
A full-company work about the boundaries within a crowded urban environment.

Frayed Ends (2007)

Frances Ortiz
Set to music by Rachmaninov and YoYoMa
Sonata for Cello & Piano in G Minor, Op. 19-3 Andante
Based on the writings of Joseph P. Martino, Frayed Ends is a tender, romantic duet that explores not only the occasional dissonances within a relationship but how the consonances can render them meaningless.

Corelli (2010)

Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz
Set to the music by Antonio Corelli
Commissioned by the Connecticut Ballet, this dance represents the transition between the harshness of winter and the bliss of spring. It illustrates both the beauty of nature and it’s bounty of colors.

Leverage (2011)

Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz
Set to the music of David Darling
Using mirrors as a background, Leverage studies the tenuous and fluid personalities of four separate dancers.

Lagniappes and Beignets (2014)

Ted Thomas
Set to music of Mariam Makeba and Drum Power
After surviving a natural disaster that destroyed their home two sisters celebrate the gift of life and share their pain and posttraumatic stress.

Four Temperaments (2014)

Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz
Set to the music of Kronos Quartet
Costumes designed by A. Christina Giannini
This dance depicts a man’s love/hate relationships
with the vices of his life. We all have them and we
often find ourselves fighting and romancing them as they contribute to and enhance our lives as well as imprison and destroy them.

Speak (2014)

Ted Thomas
Set to music of A Great Big World
and Christina Aguilera
A woman is trying desperately to communicate with her spouse.

Inactive Repertoire

Besame Mucho (2004)
Frances Ortiz
Music by Club Sodade / Señor Coconut
A double duet depicting how quickly small issues in conversation can violently escalate both emotionally and physically.

Chalhoub Angels (2003)
Ted Thomas & Frances Ortiz
Set to the music of Claude Chalhoub
An ensemble work that celebrates the joy of kinetic movement and passionate life.

Remembering St. Paul’s Place (2002)
Ted Thomas
Set to four songs by Stevie Wonder
A journey from young love to complete heartbreak, reflecting the torment and games that exist within intimate relationships.

Reflections (2002)
Ted Thomas
Music by Andy Monroe
A dance about a young woman’s search for self-identity and self-approval.

And (2001)
Ted Thomas
Set to the versions of Lover Boy by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
Explores the inherent freedom we all possess to love anyone regardless of gender or race.

Short Hair with Voice (1998)
Ted Thomas
Music by Toby Twining
A quirky study of shape, space, movement and music.

Marked in a Region of No Origin (1997)
Frances Ortiz
Music by David Darling and Paul Haslinger
Inspired by the poetry of Luis Cespedes, the magic of physicality, grace, and percussive movement are emphasized in this expansive dance.

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